Babergh District Council - What have we done for you, 2019 - 2022 report

What have we done for you 2022 10 Terrific for trees - our pioneering study Babergh and Mid Suffolk Councils became the first rural authorities in the UK to commission a full tree canopy survey in the districts. Specialists identified and mapped existing tree coverage and habitat networks across the districts - the work forming part of our Biodiversity Action Plan. The aim was to identify and protect existing places where biodiversity is thriving, while also locating areas with low coverage or gaps where it could be strengthened. Carried out by Treeconomics, it found that just over 10% of Babergh is covered by trees, ranging from 5.5% in the Lavenham ward, to 19% in the Orwell ward. Bee kind Babergh District Council also started trialling wildflower verges. Grass cutting in specific council-maintained areas is reduced to give existing wildflowers a chance to thrive. Crucially, the flowers provide food for bees and other wildlife. Initially, grass is left to grow to see which wildflowers already exist. The council then cuts and seeds the areas with flower mixes as needed. 2019-22 Recycling increased 12% from our ‘bring’ sites - mainly glass, but also textiles. Green waste subscribers increased 17% to 16,789. More than 100 trees planted as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy and our biodiversity action plan, and 780 metres of hedgerows. Since 2021, we have given out nearly 3,000 bags of compost to residents. Photo Credit: Mike Page