Babergh District Council - What have we done for you, 2019 - 2022 report

What have we done for you 2022 4 Population up from 87,700 to 92,300 - a 5.2% rise, but that’s lower than the England average of 6.6%. Life expectancy for men Life expectancy for women Our changing district What changes have we seen in the Babergh district in the last decade? The 2021 census indicates some of the key trends, and helps identify some of the challenges faced. Compared to data from a decade earlier, it shows the population is rising, albeit slower than the national average, and there has been a significant rise in over-65s. 85 82 Babergh is the seventh least densely populated of East Anglia’s 45 local authority areas, with the equivalent of one person living on each football pitch-sized area of land Number of local businesses has gone up from 4,280 in 2018 to 4,705 in 2021 2011 to 2021 By 2040, the number of over-65s is expected to rise by 34%, and over-75s up by 45% Over-65s up by 30.1% Under-15s are down by 6%